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Travel Insurance

Whether you’re travelling for leisure or work, trust us to look after your insurance so that you can make the most of your trip.

Travel Insurance

Whether you intend to travel on a luxury break or go backpacking around the world. It is essential to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings with an appropriate level of travel insurance.

Do I need travel insurance?

While travelling abroad, the last thing you want to deal with is getting sick or injured. The reality is that accidents and illnesses do happen abroad and if you don’t have adequate, protection you could be dealing with the financial consequences for years to come. There are hundreds of reasons why travel insurance is a must – from losing
you’re luggage to falling ill and needing a medical evacuation.

Consider how you would cope if:

  • Your luggage gets lost by your airline
  • Your flights were cancelled
  • The airline you flew out on goes out of business before your return flight
  • You have an accident whilst on your holiday and require emergency medical treatment
  • Your possessions get stolen from your hotel room
  • A member of your family gets ill before your trip and you need to cancel it unexpectedly, or There is a terrorist incident in the location you are planning to visit and you want to cancel the trip as a result.


Hennelly Finance offers several different levels holiday insurance protection depending on your holiday insurance needs. You can also save on the cost of travel insurance if you have private health insurance, so it pays to speak to one of our qualified financial advisors to find out what options suit your needs. If you make multiple trips you can also avail of lower insurance premiums by choosing an annual multiple trip travel insurance policy. You can also secure holiday insurance to cover the cost of cancelling your trip in the case of an unavoidable event or illness. Travel insurance can also help cover the cost of lost, stolen or delayed baggage, meaning you won’t find yourself wearing the same clothes for days on end! It can also provide cover for your hire car excess in the event of an incident, and help cover costs incurred should your flight, ferry or other transport be delayed. Importantly, holiday insurance provides you with the peace-of-mind that if while abroad, you have an accident or fall ill, that your medical costs and repatriation will be taken care of.

Compare insurance

Travel insurance is surprisingly not expensive yet it arguably one of the most important covers you can take while travelling abroad. It costs nothing to research and compare insurance with Hennelly Finance yet leaving home without it can cost you dearly.

Compare travel insurance options and find out how to best protect yourself while travelling abroad. Give our trusted finance advisors a call to find out more about holiday insurance and protecting yourself and your loved ones on 091 670123

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