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Savings & Investments

We'll help you to make smart investment choices.

Savings & Investments

Whether you are saving for your children’s college education or have longer term investment goals, our qualified financial advisors provide expert, tailored advice on all types of savings and investments schemes to suit your needs.

Investing a lump sum or regular savings is a great option if you want the opportunity to grow your money over time. Our finance advisors will take you through what to consider before investing your savings and our investment research team will advise on suitable investments that we are happy to recommend based on your risk profile and financial goals. We start by finding out about you and your investment goals: how long you want to invest for, what is the money required for, have you provided for short / medium / long term financial needs, and so forth. Your capacity to withstand risk is then
evaluated. The evaluation considers your income, expenses, assets and liabilities,and your flexibility. There is also an evaluation of your own risk preference, which can be done using psychometric tools.
Psychometric tools are short questionnaires which seek to give a more scientific basis for assessing your risk. We provide investment solutions based on impartial advice as we’re not tied to any banks or financial institutions. We offer access to a broad range of funds with varying levels of risk and return and provide up-to-date information about the stock market to help inform your decision making.

Investments or savings plans?

Investments are a strong option for people with a lump sum to invest. While generally designed for longer-term goals, investment options can be tailored to suit your goal and your preferred level of risk. Successful savings plans rely on the saver being committed to regular savings. They also rely on the saver to start their savings plan on time, understanding their investment risk, choosing the right investment and securing the right plan and price for their goals right from the very start. Typically, strong investments will outperform cash deposits in the long term, making them a viable option for good savers. The best way to achieve your financial goals is to speak with one of our qualified finance advisors. We offer truly independent advice on a wide range of investment funds to help you get the best return for your money. We will help you build a diversified investment portfolio, taking into account your attitude to risk, the length of time that you are willing to invest, and whether you require an income or not.Emphasis is placed on the importance of an integrated plan incorporating all aspects of your financial position. Whatever your risk profile we can help you protect your wealth!

Qualified advice for smart investments

At Hennelly Finance, we believe in putting our clients’ needs first. That means taking the time to understand our clients’ objectives and how they feel about investment risk, including how much risk they can afford to take before we talk about specific investments. Importantly, we will not invest our clients’ money unless the associated risk can be clearly be explained and understood. Complex products and esoteric asset classes rarely deliver returns which are worth the extra risk. We also know from experience that without discipline, that emotional decision making can result in significant loss when it comes to investments. An investor must stay focused and consistently apply those strategies that are a fit for their own specific life situation and goals and reject distractions such as the latest financial fashions, many of which are not relevant to their circumstances.

Our robust approach to risk profiling and asset allocation, coupled with our knowledge and expertise, allows us to consistently match the risk-return profile of each of our clients with an appropriate, client specific investment strategy. Our investment advisors research, profile and analyse a wide array of investment products and services, determining relative value amongst competing investments.

We classify all investments into seven categories of risk upon we which we will blend a portfolio of funds with overall levels of volatility within the following bands:

  • Risk Profiling
  • Tailored Investment Solutions
  • Maximise Investment Return
  • Portfolio Building
  • When providing our clients with investment advice we need to obtain answers to the following questions:

What is the aim of the investment?

  • Are you saving for retirement?
  • Are you looking to provide for your children’s education?
  • Are you looking to provide for a potential future expense?
  • What time frame are you looking to invest for?
  • When will you need the money?
  • What amount of risk are you comfortable with?
  • Would you like a Guarantee?
  • Would you like a potential bonus every year?
  • Would you like to participate in the Stock Market?
  • How much are you looking to invest?
  • Is the amount a once off Lump Sum or will it be regular savings?
  • What percentage of your total savings are you willing to invest?

Once we have identified your priorities, we can then search the market to locate the most suitable product for your specific needs.Understanding all the options and finding the most suitable option for your needs can be a daunting task – that’s why our team of experts at Hennelly Finance are here to help you make the smart investment decisions. Give us a call today on 091 670123 to learn more about investing and whether this is an option that suits you.

Lump Sum Investments

At some stage in life, you may find yourself in receipt of a relatively substantial sum of money, perhaps through an inheritance, profit from the sale of a property or business, or a bonus.

It makes sense to put some of these funds into a bank deposit where you can get easy access to it should you need it. However, for the balance you need to think hard about how you can get the best possible return.

A lump sum investment is a sound option. The modest returns you’ll receive on a bank deposit may be eroded by inflation while an investment gives your money every opportunity to grow. While a certain amount of capital risk applies, investing over the medium to long-term in assets such as equities gives your investment the best chance of achieving your financial ambitions.

What are the benefits of lump sum investments?

  • Money gets access to high growth potential assets.
  • You can choose a mix of funds that match your appetite for risk and reward.
  • The money is relatively easy to access.
  • You can invest with confidence for the medium to long term.

Your qualified Hennelly Finance financial advisor will:

  • Help you define your attitude to risk and reward
  • Help you choose investment options that fit your investment profile and
  • Regularly review the funds to ensure they meet your goals.
  • Our team of expert finance advisors are available to discuss the benefits of investing your lump sum and whether investment is an option that suits you. Give us a call today on 091 670123 to find out more.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

  • Stock market investments and risk
  • Depending on your past involvement with the stock market, you may have questions about how investments in the stock market work.Before you make the decision to invest your money, it is important to take the time to understand how you feel about risk. At Hennelly Finance we take risk profiling very seriously and are committed to accurately assessing your attitude to investment risk so we can match investments to your personal risk profile.

Consider the following questions to determine your investment risk profile and understand your attitude towards risk:

Everyone has a different attitude towards risk. You may be cautious about the stock market, or you may take a balanced approach or be adventurous. Your age and gender may influence your attitude to risk, as might your reaction to losing money on the stock market. Perhaps you have no prior experience with stock market investments, or maybe you your previous investment strategy is no longer suitable.
It is also important to understand your goals. How are you planning to use the investment in the future? For example, is it to fund a deposit on a house in five years; is it to pay for college education in 15 years; is it an emergency fund; or for a gift to your children in the future? These answers will have an impact on the level of risk that you may find acceptable or is recommended.

It would be unusual for just one saving and investment to meet many needs. For a number of financial objectives, a number of investment products may be required. This would create a portfolio of investments that would normally mature at different times. Our finance advisors set these up and manage them for many of our clients. Regardless of your needs or your attitude to risk, our qualified and vastly experienced team can provide you with the latest stock market investment advice tailored to suit your needs. For a confidential discussion about investing get in touch with our finance advisors today.

Regular Savings Plans

Whether you’re saving for a new car, home renovations or even your children’s college education, letting your savings rest in a general bank account is probably one of the worst savings decisions you can make.

Savings interest rates remain some of the lowest in history with bank fees and charges adding further insult to injury. However, there are a range of savings options available that can return a higher rate than the average bank account.

Your regular savings could be used to help fund:

  • Deposit on a home
  • New Car
  • A holiday
  • A child’s wedding down the line
  • Emergencies or simply an extra bit of money for a rainy day or
  • Children’s education fund (read more about that here). Link to Children’s Education Fund.
  • Our team is here to help and provide sound advice on a suitable plan to help reach your goals.

Calculating your savings

The best way to make sure your regular savings plan will be successful is to follow a few simple rules:

  • Start on time
  • Understand the investment risk
  • Select the right investment
  • Get the plan and the price right from the start
  • We will help you achieve your savings goals by:

Contacting all main life insurance companies we hold agencies with

  • Comparing all of their regular savings plans
  • Finding the best regular savings plan and quote for you
  • Making sure the regular saving goals meets your needs
  • Confirming our recommendation in writing to you
  • Explaining why we recommend a particular savings plan and
  • Ensuring the savings plan contract is issued to you.
  • Whether you already save and want your savings to net a higher return or want to start saving now, our team can help you to plan for your long-term financial needs.

Give us a call today on 091 670123.

Children’s Education Fund

Now more than ever, children will need a college education and recognised degree qualification for the best change of securing a bright, successful and secure future. However, funding a third level education is becoming increasingly difficult, and according to the Zurich Cost of Education Survey 2018 most parents underestimate the cost of sending a child to college.

The Zurich study found that the biggest jumps in spending were on student accommodation (increased from €2,628 in 2017 to €3,442) and private rented accommodation where third level students can expect to pay between €3000 and €4000 each year.

The average cost of third level fees also rose significantly from €2,066 to €2,419 per year while the number of college students shelling out more than €900 per year on transport costs nearly doubled in 2018.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the cost of third level education can creep up on parents with 52% going into debt to cover the cost of their child’s college expenses. That’s why planning for your child’s education and starting a savings plan early is so important, not only to give your child the best chance starting out in life, but to help you keep your own financial and lifestyle goals on track.

You might be surprised to learn that regular savings can perform better in the long run than a lump sum investment, even in volatile markets. Regular investing (on a monthly basis) takes advantage of both up and down markets.

That means that when markets are strong, portfolio returns will be higher, and when markets fall, more units will be purchased for the same investment which leads to greater returns in the long run. The key is to give your investment time to grow. To learn more about saving for your children’s college education get in touch with the team at Hennelly Finance; we can help you prepare for the future and achieve the goals you have your family on a plan that suits your circumstances. Give us a call today on  091 670123 to get started.

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