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Group Pensions

Our employee benefits team provide you with a very high-quality solution for your employees’ retirement funding needs.

Group Pensions

Hennelly Finance is a specialist pension broker for group pensions schemes to businesses of varying size from start-ups to medium sized enterprises throughout Ireland. Our employee benefits team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality solution for your employees’ retirement funding needs.

Your company pension scheme needs to meet many different criteria. They need to be competitive in your marketplace, legally compliant, meet industry best practices and be easy to run.

Value Of Group Pensions

Employees also need to understand their company pension and appreciate the value it brings to their lives and financial futures. Above all, your company pension scheme needs to represent good value for money, both for you as an employer and also for your employees.

Poorly designed group pensions  and excessive charges are just some of the problems we find when we review employee benefits programs. This can have a significant and negative impact on employees who are members of these schemes. Other major weaknesses we frequently come across are inappropriate investment strategies – typically with excessive levels of risk – and very poor levels of tax planning and advisory services for the company pension scheme members.

Like other financial strategies, group pensions must never be left on a ‘set-up and forget’ basis. Hennelly Finance can help you set up or review your current company pension scheme and ensure your strategy is achieving the best possible outcomes for you and your employees. Even small businesses with one or two staff can establish an employee benefits program tailored to their needs.

Our experienced team of pension brokers can manage your employee benefits program from start to finish. That means that not only do we set-up group pensions in alignment with your business and employees’ needs, we can maintain the program for you by acting as an outsourced human resources department. Hennelly Finance is available to answer your employees’ questions about their group pensions, support claims and even offers an advisory service to help them achieve their financial goals. As a result, your business reaps the benefits of the employee benefits program without having to lift a finger to set it up and manage it.

Your Hennelly Finance employee benefits expert can help you identify the right company pension scheme for your staff while ensuring it is legally compliant, meets industry best practice and is easy to run, alongside a strong investment strategy that considers appropriate tax planning, advisory services and an appropriate degree of risk. As in independent pension broker, we are not tied to any company and offer independent financial advice that you can trust. To speak with one of our employee benefits experts about group pensions, give us a call today on 091 670123.

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