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Group Investments

We have options whether you want to protect your capital investment or are more focused on investing for growth.

Company Investments

We know that bank accounts are important to meet the short-term cash flow needs of your business yet in an uncertain environment, they are not the best option for holding lump sums.

Does your business have a lump sum to invest? Are you looking for the potential to earn higher returns and greater tax efficiency on your group investment? During uncertain times, it can feel unnatural to hold cash deposits in a basic bank deposit account. You might feel your company’s hard-earned money is safer in the bank. However, in a low, and looming negative interest rate environment, keeping your lump sum in a deposit account will ultimately cost your business money.

As a result, the value of your money will decline, undermining your well-intentioned efforts to
safeguard your lump sum. Despite economic volatility, it is possible to find a group investment solution that can help protect your capital investment or focus on investing for growth. It is important to remember that from history, we can see that:

1 Stock markets go up over the long term
2 Large peak-to-trough falls in value in stock markets are inevitable
3 Historically, the biggest gains tend to follow the biggest falls

As a result, history shows us that holding cash deposits in a bank account is not the best option and leave you with less on deposit than when you started. Don’t be afraid to explore your options; we can help get your cash working for you with a solution that suits your circumstances. Hennelly Finance can provide you with expert advice about your group investment to support your long-term financial strategy while protecting the erosion of your lump sum by negative interest rates.

We have group investment options whether you want to protect your capital investment or are more focused on investing for growth. Perhaps your business has a need to build up a future lump sum through regular savings for upcoming projects? Whatever your preference we have a group investment solution for you.

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