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Category: Protection

Life cover: are your loved ones protected?

If the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted one thing above all else, it is the importance of our families and loves ones, so now is an ideal time to shine a spotlight on your strategies for taking care of them in the event something should happen

Top trends to look out for in 2021

With 2020 now well in the rear vision mirror, the future is looking much brighter than it did even six months ago. The Covid-19 vaccine roll-out and prospect of getting back to normal life is a great cause for optimism. But after a very rocky

Buy A Life Insurance Plan And Get A Basic Will For Free

Buy a protection plan and get a basic Will for free

Taking care of your family now means also planning for their future. Life Insurance is a key component of financial planning because it means your family will have financial security should something happen to you. More than two out of three adults in Ireland do

The quick guide to surviving Brexit

With Brexit merely weeks away, apprehension around Brexit and its potential impact is at an all time high. Commentators have varying views on what impact Brexit will have on the Irish jobs market, consumer and business confidence, and how it might affect personal finances down
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Financial education at your workplace from Hennelly Finance

Did you know Hennelly Finance offers free seminars on financial matters for employees at their place of work? Our qualified and highly experienced financial advisors are available to provide advice and deliver presentations on a range of financial matters including retirement planning, savings and money

Worries about loss of income plague 1 in 4

In a recent study commissioned by Aviva, lost income as a result of illness, injury or death is a key concern for the majority of Irish workers.In a recent study commissioned by Aviva, lost income as a result of illness, injury or death is a

Renting your home? Why life insurance is a must.

If you’re renting a home, chances are you may not have thought about how your family would pay the rent in the event of a crisis. While it’s the task of every homeowner to secure mortgage protection, people in private rented accommodation rarely consider the

What is Salary Protection?

The financial headache you would face if an illness or accident prevented you from working could be severe. Income Protection (Salary Protection) means you can continue to pay your household bills and maintain your current lifestyle. Income Protection is an insurance policy that provides an alternative