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Category: Money management

Managing your finances during difficult times

In times like these, thinking about your financial situation can be stressful. Fears over the spread of coronavirus are causing lots of people uncertainty and real worry in different areas of their lives, from their health and wellbeing to work and finances. But there are

Money tops list of worries for Irish

A recent study commissioned by Royal London has found that twice as many people in Ireland worry about ‘money’ compared to ‘health. Joe Charles, head of proposition at Royal London said financial issues topped the poll as the most common cause of worry. “While there

Hennelly Finance 2019 Budget Summary

Welcome to our 2019 Budget Summary. Find out how Budget 2019 affects you, your family and your future with our special report on the government’s plans for the next year. Click here to download the PDF.  

Top apps for money management at your fingertips

Thanks to the explosion in app development and our own increasing familiarity with smart phones, monitoring and managing money has never been so easy with a range on online tools to help monitor your expenses, help you save and cut the clutter when it comes