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Category: Investments

Market Outlook for 2023

As 2023 begins to take shape, investors are keen for insights into what 2023 may offer in terms of economic growth. Experts believe inflation has now reached its peak and will influence rates to do the same and peak by mid-2023.This means further work for

Market Outlook: July – December 2022

There’s no denying that 2022 has brought posed some of the greatest challenges for investors in years, from the geopolitical instability caused by the war in Ukraine, to soaring inflation and a cost-of-living crisis.  The first half of 2022 was challenging for markets 2022 has

Smart investment tips to transform your finances

Whatever your financial or lifestyle goals, our smart investment tips can help transform your finances and reach your goals sooner. Create a plan There is a well-known quote that says, “If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time.” The same can be

Top trends to look out for in 2021

With 2020 now well in the rear vision mirror, the future is looking much brighter than it did even six months ago. The Covid-19 vaccine roll-out and prospect of getting back to normal life is a great cause for optimism. But after a very rocky

How to get the most out of your savings in 2021

With the Central Bank reporting savings on deposit at a record high in Ireland – an average of some €33,566 per adult – there are a host of challenges in 2021 for savers.   Rather than being rewarded for saving money, savers are finding themselves

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Investing – patience pays

When it comes to investing - patience pays Investing in stock markets is designed to deliver returns over the medium to long-term. In uncertain environments like Covid-19 some investors get nervous, losing sight of their investment objectives. Many are tempted to postpone new investments, and